What is fire awareness training?

Fire Safety online training is training to help businesses train their personnel on how to act in the event of a fire.  There are different levels of training.  Fire awareness training is training that will go into what to do should you see a fire hazard as well as an actual fire.  Containing a fire can lead to lots of saved lives and property.  Having trained personnel that is right there when the fire breaks can save valuable time.  While firefighters are perfectly trained to handle fires of all sizes.  However, it takes time for them to act and get there.  This time could mean the difference between a small and under control fire and a huge out of control fire.

A fire can affect your business in many ways, the bigger the fire, the more downtime and loss of income.  Many businesses will have clients that simply cannot wait for you to rebuild, meaning you will lose clients and contracts.  This all affects the bottom line and the stability of the business.  By offering fire awareness training you can, hopefully, avoid such losses.  Fire marshal training online makes it easy for businesses to offer training to their staff. The staff doesn’t have to make arrangements to go anywhere special but you could hold the training in a conference room or even at their desk. 

Fire Marshal Training online

Fire marshal training online is an affordable solution that will allow you to train the top people in your company to become fire marshals. The number of fire marshals you technically need will depend on the size of the company. You will also want to take into consideration what the typical shift is of that particular person. You will need to ensure that you have trained fire marshals available on every shift. Fire marshals have to be trained and certified every 3 years.

Avoid Civil and criminal legislation by complying with the Health & Safety at Work etc Act today.  The act consists of a portion that contains the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2006.  These are telling businesses that they are responsible for their own fire safety and must comply with the regulations.  Aside from training the fire marshals in your facility you need to train the support staff as well.

Fire awareness training online can help with this.  Some businesses have a high turn over, such as hotels, for example.  Guests of hotels need to be helped should there be a fire that breaks out.  However, the support staff such as housekeeping and the front desk have a higher turnover and new people are always being added.  Because of this, we suggest that the fire awareness training be done every 6 months to ensure there are enough people that know and understand the plan. 

Your insurance may also have recommendations on how many fire marshals you should train and the length of time between any and all fire training. Discussing with them what the solutions are and the plan will help you get the very best insurance premiums as well.  Fire awareness is affordable and effective in assisting with your training needs.

What You Will Learn in Fire Awareness Training?

At Standout Academy, we have several courses for you to choose from to ensure the safety of your workplace environment. These offerings include:

With the content of these online fire safety training courses, your employees will help to ensure that their work environment is as safe as possible, especially in the event of a fire.

Who Can Benefit from Our Online Fire Awareness Courses

When it comes to the basic fire safety offering as well as the training course on fire extinguisher operation, absolutely anyone can benefit from this RoSPA, IFE & CPD-approved course. It provides enough generalised information that can be advantageous in nearly any workplace setting. The variations for care home on the basic fire safety training and the fire marshal training are specific to these particular work locations, so those employed in care and residential homes would be primary beneficiaries for these training courses. Finally, the fire marshal course is specific to those who want to become or already are fire marshals and want to update their knowledge.

Check Out Our Online Fire Awarness Training Courses

At Standout Academy, we have a wide selection of online training courses, including fire awarness and safety training, for your employees to work through at their own pace. Whatever your company needs to be successful in the business world and create a safe environment for everyone who is employed there, we can provide you the course offerings that will keep your employees updated and ready for anything that may come their way.

Our courses will help your employees gain nationally recognised accredited certificates, stay up-to-date, and further their careers. The online fire awareness and safety training courses are approved by RoSPA, IFE & CPD so you can rest assured that the information your employees are receiving is accurate and up-to-date. Standout Academy is the #1 online training provider. Check out all of our course offerings!